In Science in Class 3 are currently looking at different types of resistance in Science. The children have been receiving messages from The Natural History Museum who are currently trying to retrieve a meteorite which landed in a remote location and is going to provide valuable scientific information.

Last week the children looked at friction and identified the ‘Goldilocks Path” for the team to cycle their bikes down to examine the meteorite, the problem being their brakes had broken, so they needed a path ‘just right’.

All children planned their investigation before testing out their theories. Using a Newton meter the children recorded how much force was need to pull their vehicle across each surface, identifying the path with the most friction.

Everyone enjoyed the activity – especially making a muddy path!

Knitting Club Progress

Since starting in October a number of children have been attending regularly and have now mastered the basic knit and purl stitches to create stocking stitch.

Anoushka has knitted the first mitten for the prem baby charity and will hopefully finish the second one soon.

All children are very proud of their achievements – even the holey ones! The “squares” will hopefully become a cushion cover for the library.


It shows real progress and the children are learning this term a variety of stitches so that they can begin to follow patterns and make their own creations.


Synagogue visit


Yesterday Class 3 visited the Exeter Hebrew Congregation Synagogue. We were warmly welcomed by Stuart and the girls and boys were separated as is Jewish tradition. Then the boys were given koppels to wear as a sign of respect.

The children were shown different aspects of the synagogue and a brief history was shared. Also a number of artefacts were shared and Stuart explained the history and traditions behind each. George managed to produce a sound from the shofar which was very impressive!

Before the question section the children participated in a mock Jewish wedding. It was explained that the groom marries his bride before she arrives and the bride stays silent throughout the service!


After the children ate lunch at Cathedral Green followed by a walk to RAMP.

Whilst at RAMM the children split into groups and had the opportunity to explore a range of the exhibits.

A wonderful day was has had by all. Stuart emailed to compliment our children on their impeccable behaviour, which is a real credit to the children.   Continue reading