Ogden Phizz Lab Assembly at Dulverton Primary

Class 3 took part in an interactive science assembly based at Dulverton Primary School today. The children loved learning about chemistry and the experiments demonstrated, in particular the exploding hydrogen balloons and super fast freezing properties of liquid Nitrogen.

Our children were engaged and enthralled by the experiments on view today with many answering questions and even volunteering to take part in front of the rest of the schools in attendance.

Well done to all the children for exceptional behaviour, as always, and for having the confidence to speak out in front of others.

Mrs Scandrett

Astro-Evening at Dulverton Primary School

After an exciting space day at Bishops Nympton, a select group of pupils continued their space odyssey into Friday evening. The six children chosen were children who participate in our weekly space exploration club run by myself at lunchtime.

After refuelling with hotdogs and cake, the children took part in a further three space activities. We recreated the surface of Mars using iron and water to create iron oxide producing the distinctive red colour we associate with the planet. The local astronomy society brought along their telescopes but sadly we were unable to see many stars due to cloud cover.

Before finishing the night with a hot chocolate we were treated to a session inside the space dome (a 3D visual experience looking at the nights sky). We had a fantastic evening and, as ever, the children’s behaviour was impeccable.

Mr Scandrett

Inspiring Space day

On Friday, we saw yet another fantastic space themed day across the school. One of the many enrichment activities provided to enhance and inspire our children, all of which goes towards what makes us such a ‘good’ school, as recognised by OFSTED.

The day began with an assembly delivered by Jo Richardson, our visiting scientist from Space detectives. While KS1 trained to be astronoughts in the hall, class 3 had fun designing and testing their egg landers. This activity ran alongside ‘hydration station’ which taught the children the importance of being well hydrated and linked this to Tim Peake and his trip to the ISS.

We then spent the afternoon in the hall with Jo testing rocket propulsion and was able to work with class 2 for this experiment.

The day culminated with the whole school converging on the playground to help launch Jo’s water powered rocket, which surprised the children with the velocity and height with which it soared into the sky. Very exciting!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Jo for her work with the children and also to all the parents who were able to attend and work alongside their children throughout the day.

Mrs Scandrett

World Book Day

World book day is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. It’s the biggest celebration of its kind designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countires all over the world.

We had a super day with all the children dressing up as their favourite book characters. We shared extracts in assembly from our favourite books (photos attached) and discussed books throughout the day in our own classes.

Thank you to all the parents who helped to create some wonderful costumes.

Mrs Scandrett

All parents Welcome on Friday 3rd March

Hello again,

Another reminder of our science day this Friday (3rd March), which you are all invited to.

The day begins with an assembly (9:30am in the hall) followed by workshops for you to take part in alongside your child.

You can come and go as you please throughout the day.

It promises to be another fun filled and exciting day not only for the children but for their parents too.

Hopefully see you then,

Mrs Scandrett

Fantastic science day to be held on Friday 3rd March

Calling all parents!

You are warmly invited to join us at Bish Nym for our second fantastic science day event. We will have an assembly in the morning (at 9:30am) from Jo Richardson followed by workshops in the hall and in classes throughout the day, which we would love you to join in with.

Join us for the whole, or part of, the day where you can work alongside your child exploring the wonderful world of science.

It is also an opportunity for you to look at your children’s books and classrooms to get a feel for what goes on within school.

We look forward to seeing you then,

Mrs Scandrett

Intergalactic Exploration at Bish Nym a huge success

On 3rd February we held a fantastic space day, as part of our involvement with the Tim Peake project, which consisted of workshops for both the children and their parents. All parents were invited to take part both within the classrooms throughout the day and also in the hall where we had a visiting scientist Jo Richardson. She inspired the children by delivering an assembly in the morning to explain the exciting initiative that we are involved in.

Jo then led workshops in the hall to all classes, and parents, from making fizzy rockets to setting up a working scale model of our solar system. The photos attached show activities ranging from Mission X 26.2 with Tim, where the children were helping to run the London marathon; which Tim Peake did whilst on the ISS. Each point earned through the Mission X challenges equal one step taken on our journey from the earth to the moon as we near completion of level 1. See the following website for further information about Mission X and for separate blogs and pictures.

There were also rocket building activities; solar system research stations; learning the Russian alphabet and writinng in code. In addition, there was an exciting resource called ‘space case’ where the children got to investigate properties of materials for magnetism, conductivity, impact, heat and pressure testing. The day involved opportunities for all the children to get immersed in the wonderful world of science with the hope of inspiring them to further research and potentially consider future employment opportunities within the space industry.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all parents who came to this event and appreciate your support.

We will be having a second day similar to this on 3rd March whereby ALL parents are again welcome to attend. Hope to see you all then.

Mrs Scandrett

Paired reading and celebration of work

Here is a live blog to show some of the wonderful ways in which we celebrate childrens work. Each Friday afernoon the whole school break off into their reading partners. This is an opportunity for each child not only to share and inspire each other in a love for reading but it also gives them the chance to share the work that they have completed this week. Below are some photos of this in practice. The children love this new initiative which also strengthens and develops their confidence, skills, experience and standards in reading (our four drivers).

Mission X

The BNA (Bishops Nympton Astronauts) blasted off into mission X this week as we completed our crew strength training challenge. Our space enthusiasts soon became focussed on the task ahead as they squatted and press-upped their way through their astronaut training. All participants gave 100 % effort with the exercises and are now fully aware of why we need to develop our upper and lower body strength if we want to stay fit and healthy and further our chance of becoming an astronaut.

Well done team!