World book day

Yesterday, for World book day all the children dressed up as their favourite book characters and authours. In the morning, we had a special assembly where we shared our favourite book and had a ‘guess the book character quiz’. In the afternoon, the children in class 3 & W4 had the opportunity to read alongside the children from class 2. This was thoroughly by all.


Ms Peter and Mrs Jones     

Viking Food Tasting

The Viking adventure continued for the juniors this afternoon where they had the opportunity to sample some Viking Dagmal (breakfast) and Nattmal (night meal), to accompany this the whole feast was washed down with some mead – non-alcoholic of course! Fantastic to see all the children taking a risk and trying questionable food combinations such as bread, cottage cheese and honey.

Mr H

Team Building

This afternoon, class 3 and 4 were working hard to develop skills on teamwork and specifically sharing ideas effectively in a group. to achieve this the children had a 3ft by 5

ft box which they had to find a way for 4 of them to fit in without any limbs hanging off. This was a challenge that all groups fully took on, listening to each other and making sure that everyone’s in the group felt listened to. In the end, all team thought of original ideas which enabled them to fit inside the box. Well done to all for working as a team.  

The children also had the opportunities to come up with a team name. Ms P’s minions won with 16 votes, followed closely by  BNS gang. It is fantastic to see how our community is growing.







After what a  somewhat tempestuous start to the day, we were keen and eager to rush into the untouched snow that lay pristine in the playground for some winter fun. I can finally say I have defrosted after having snowballs launched at me!

Ms Peter 


Must-have Christmas crackers

This year we are selling Christmas crackers filled with handwritten jokes and sweet which also go off with a bang! These crackers will be sold after the Christmas Carol Concert.

A box of 8 crackers will cost £4:30 per pack or 2 boxes for £7:00.

We will also be selling decorations for £1 each. Availability is limited so don’t miss out!

They’re must-have for every family!!

By Elliott Alderman and Matilda Selley

School council chair

Design and Technology day!

Today, Class 3 and Class 4 worked collaboratively to make: Cucumber and mint Raita and Chapatti. This was part of our topic of the term which is India. The children used their senses – smell, taste, and touch – to identify some traditional Indian herbs and spices such as cardamom, cloves, coriander, mint and mustard seeds. When making Chapatti’s children each had a turn at kneading, portioning, rolling and cooking. Afterwards, we eat the lovely food we had produced with a vegetable tikka masala, which the children enjoyed.