What a wonderful day we had. We began by boarding the 364 Bish Nym, reaching 250 miles above the surface of the Earth to reach the ISS. The children then rocketed from one immersive activity to another, exploring forces, materials and cosmology. Best bit: Mrs Lake dressed as an astronaut! Priceless.

Family Lunch

A well-attended first family lunch took place today. There was a lovely atmosphere, as you entered the hall and lots of proud, happy children could be seen sharing their meal time with family members.  Many thanks to the catering team for their support in making it happen.

We will be throwing open our doors again next week and inviting families to join us, before our Harvest celebrations. You will be able to choose from a ham ploughmans, cheese and tomato quiche, jacket potato with a selection of fillings or a tuna and lettuce wrap. This comes with a pudding and a drink and is all freshly prepared by staff in the kitchen.

To register your interest, please contact the admin team and select your meal option. Payment in advance is politely requested.

Further details to follow shortly and if we don’t see you before, we look forward to welcoming you on 10th.


A Very Special Visitor

The children waited with excited expectancy at the arrival of our special guest. No…not Prince Harry-although it may well have been, given the wonder on their faces- but our local MP, Mr Peter Heaton Jones. The children sat in rapture as he greeted them and began introducing himself. Then, they all put Peter through his paces, individuals asking the most thought provoking and excellent questions from ‘who is your favourite prime minister from the past?’…to ‘why does the queen sit on a big golden chair?’

It was a truly amazing experience and one of many that we hope to offer our children and community in making learning come to life this year.

Thank you so much, Peter.



Climate Control

The children in Cl2 have been thinking a lot about climate and how it affects the way we live and the problems that we need to solve. The children learnt this morning that the conditions at the time of The Great Fire of London were perfect for setting the city alight. This afternoon, they were finding out about Scott of the Antarctic and the conditions he and the team had to face, during their polar expedition. Check out their conscience corridor. I wonder if the children would make the decision to go on the same perilous journey???!!!

London’s Burning…London’s Burning…Fetch the Engine!!!!

What an amazing re-enactment, today. I have to confess to being a bit nervous at the start, but is was excellent and all was well. The morning began with a visit from Teresa, a fire fighter, where the children’s understanding of the Great Fire was put to the test. The big burn followed- and what a spectacular inferno we were treated to. Many thanks to all of the parents, who worked as hard as their children to build the houses in the first place; and for coming along today to join in with the fun. It was wonderful to see so many of you. To finish the event, we were all treated to a delicious school lunch. Thanks to the kitchen staff for making this possible.

Dinosaur Day

What a lovely day today, visiting Bristol museum. The children were in awe of the building, let alone the exhibits. The workshop was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the children learnt a lot. A long day and a long journey,  but they were all amazing. Thank you Class 2. Mrs F