Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone, we hope you have all had a lovely break! The first week back to Pre-School has been great! All the children have come in very settled and are excited to see all their friends.

We welcome Felicity who has joined our team and also like to welcome all our new children. Our topic is learning all about farming and what happens on the farm.

Growing- Little Owls

Little owls have been growing lots of different vegetables and fruit. We pulled up our potatoes this morning and washed them off. We ate them for our afternoon snack and they were delicious! We are continuing to grow our runner beans, strawberries and tomatoes.


Road safety

This week we are learning about keeping safe and road safety. We went for a walk and asked the children how we keep safe when we are walking, all the children knew they had to; Stop, Look and Listen to safely cross the road. We have been talking about how else we can keep ourselves safe looking at road signs, traffic lights and zebra crossings. We drew a road in our outside area and had to follow the rules on our bikes and scooters.

Making banana cakes!

Last Thursday we had left over bananas from our snack fruit, we decided not to throw them away and make use of them. We made “healthy” cakes using all of the bananas, the children made one each and even had enough for afternoon snack!


Little Owl’s trip to Quince Honey Farm

Little Owls and parents had a great time at the Quince Honey Farm. We had a look at lots of different hives and learnt about how hard bees work to turn nectar into lovely Honey. We had a taste of the different types of honey that they make. Some of the children held a real working frame and we were lucky to see the Queen bee. As we walked around the Honey Farm we found items like apples, chocolate, coconut and tea which, without the bees working very hard, we would not have. After the children had a play in the soft play area. Some of the children held some creepy crawlies, other children were not so keen. Even Kath held a cockroach!!!

Little Owls

Thank you, thank you and thank you again!  I have been part of Little Owls for many, many years and I would like to thank everyone who has supported me over the years.  I would particularly like to thank Kath who has been my right hand woman for all the years, Cassie who has grown up with me and Anya who fitted right in from day one and has shared our sense of humour and fun loving attitude.  Thank you to all the parents who have generously given towards my leaving gifts, very thoughtful of you all.  I am going to miss Little Owls more than I can say but new horizons are heading my way and I am looking forward to the challenge.

Little Owls Physical Fun

At Little Owls the children have enjoyed lots of physical fun. As part of focus Keeping healthy the children have started their sports day practice and making the most of the lovely weather on the tyres. They have been using their muscles to climb, crawl and jump. They have been using basters to support and strengthen their arms and hands which will help with their fine motor skills.